These images communicate an experience of light.

They are about the real and the virtual, belief and technology, matter and that which transcends it. They are about photography itself, about its deconstruction and its inability to document, describe, reflect or show anything as it is. These images are as much about Murrow´s speech to the RTNDA as they are about the plastic bag scene from American Beauty and about the way William Eggleston talks about photography.

They are about desensitization, insulation, isolation, about loneliness and being lost. They are about what our surroundings and technology reveal about us. They are about creating images and finding in them something that is meaningful. They are about seeing yourself see.

They show the last thing we see before going to sleep and the last things we see of each other. They show darkness, emptiness, thresholds. They show that which is imposing and draws you in, the oceanic, the monolithic, the sublime.

This series is my attempt at overcoming the specific.